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Thumb planes (finger planes)

My personal build of thumb planes.
Funny enough, thumb plane translates "rabeau noisette" in French, which means hazelnut plane.

They are simply made from a tutorial I found here on the Web.
The first ones, I did them using the hard wood I had : chestnut tree, but turned out to be too soft.
For the second attempt, I found in an antique shop an old wooden planer, made out of sorb tree (I dont know if that translation is good, it's "cormier" in french), that red , very hard wood.
It is indeed the traditional wood here for making plane soles.
So, I cut a little length in that maxi plane to make several of my mini planes
And they are far better.
The blocks are made of ebony for the first.
I have several width, and some have a flat sole, others round sole.


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by Clement_ 26/07/2017 : 12:02

Bonjour, pouvez vous me donner le lien vers le tutoriel pour fabriquer les rabots noisettes.



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